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If you are looking for a custom bass with all the details and specs you desire, I suggest you look up Dean Hyder. I contacted Dean 2 years ago and asked if he could make me a short scale telecaster bass. He was very easy to consult with, and gave me a list of different types of woods to choose from. I then chose my pickups, tuners and bridge, followed by a list of stains and finishes to choose from. Once he had all of the details he estimated a price. I paid a small percentage as a down payment to get it rolling and he went to work. From start to finish, the communication was very good throughout the process with emails including details on how the build was unfolding and pictures of progress. The whole process took around 2 months to complete at which time I picked up my bass in person and paid the balance on the completed bass. Dean is definitely a master of detail, as this bass is literally the most solid bass I’ve ever bought, I own several Gibson and Rickenbacker basses, and this one is for sure of the same quality if not better. The tone is great with a wide range of possibilities. This bass also included a hand wound lipstick neck pickup by Dean's friend @ Benson Handwounds. This pickup has monster tone! The bass was hand crafted from raw materials from start to finish and is really quite amazing. I can’t say enough good things about Dean as a human, or as a master luthier. Looking for a one of a kind instrument to your specs? Call Dean.
Ben Wight - Rochester, New York
Dean Hyder is a master craftsman. His workmanship and attention to detail is unparalleled. The bass guitar he made for me is gorgeous - a sculpture. The action and feel are amazing. Rich, full tone as well. I joked that I now need a pilot's license because this sucker flies! You won't be disappointed.
Dennis J. Bischof - Amherst, New York







Dean Hyder-made guitar! I gave Dean a picture of a Loar Mandolin and told him I wanted a guitar with one lipstick pickup... He sent me home with this. Beautifully crafted in Akron, NY, Hyder Guitars is the place to go if you are looking for something one of a kind! More testimonials to come I'm sure... Big ups to Dean!
Bryan Mecozzi
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