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Construction Features
Wood Selection – Great tone and feel begins with selecting the proper wood for constructing your instrument. Only the finest quality hardwoods are selected. Exotic woods of every type are available.
Neck Construction – Every Hyder Guitars neck is custom made by hand. A two way adjustable steel truss rod is standard. No brass threads to strip. And, two carbon graphite reinforcing rods keep the neck straight and true for the life of the instrument. Invisible glue joints make the neck super strong, as well as pleasing to the eye. If logistics permit, the player is invited to come to the shop and participate in the forming and shaping of the neck so that it feels perfect in their hands.
The Nut – Bone is the standard nut material. It is chosen for its classic color, workability and the beautiful polish that can be achieved with skilled workmanship. Other nut materials, such as brass, Corian, etc. are available.
Body Construction - One, two and three piece body construction is available for bolt-on neck instruments, and neck-through construction is also an option.  Each offers unique advantages and gives the player different options. Exotic top woods on a fine hardwood core with a deep gloss finish can make for a truly spectacular instrument. If color is what you would like, an endless variety is available.  
Copper Shielding – Shielding of the pickup and control cavities is achieved using copper foil that is then bonded and grounded to the main bridge ground. This make for an instrument that is free from the annoying hiss or buzz that results from improper shielding.
Electronics – Only the best electrical components and wiring are used to make sure that the music that you play on the strings gets from the pickups to the amplifier in strong, clear and unimpeded fashion.
Hardware – High-quality Hipshot hardware is standard. Other styles and manufacturers are available.
Pickups – With the exception of perhaps the strings, the pickups are the most important component of your instrument. An expertly wound set of pickups can make all the difference, and a wide variety are available from many different manufacturers, including great custom-wound pickups from Benson Handwounds and SGD Lutherie.
Fretwork – Consistent, level frets with smooth, rounded ends and a highly polished finish are the hallmark of a great instrument. Great care is taken with the preparation of the fretboard and the installation of the frets to insure a tight, permanent bond and just the right feel. Many different fret wires are available to suit the individual player.
Inlay Work – Many different materials can be inlaid in your guitar, making it beautiful and unique. Designs from simple to fancy can be done. This painstaking work can really set your instrument apart from the rest.
Finishing Work – A perfect mirror-gloss finish is the icing on the cake. It brings out the deep beauty of the wood, enhances the color on a painted body, and offers protection from damage that will wear well for years to come.
Optional Epoxy Coated Fingerboards - This incredible finish is as tough as it is beautiful. It enhances the look of the fingerboard wood to a degree unattainable with any other finish. Existing instruments can also have this finish applied to them, which makes for a significant upgrade.

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